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Editorial / Editorial

Child Rearing Styles and Students’ School Discipline
Mrs. Imaobong David Akpan, Ph.D and Mrs. Mfonobong Umobong, Ph.D

Gender Perceptions and Schooling Preferences
in Cameroon
Kassea, Raul, Sakki, Inari & Pirttilä-Backman, Anna-Maija

The Role of Internet on the Academic Performance
of Students in Tertiary Institutions
Oluwaseyitanfunmi OSUNADE, Oluwasesin Mofiyinfolowa OJO,
Ebenezer Viavo AHISU

«Mauvaises Pratiques» et Burn Out Dans l’Ecole Sud-Africaine
Une Perspective Compréhensive Sur la Relation Éducative En
Contexte Historiquement Racialisé
Jean-Paul Payet & Vijé Franchi

The Unending Cycle of Education Reform in Ghana
Dr. Steve Tonah

Technical and Vocational Education Teachers’ Perceptions
of the Qualities of a Good Distance Education Tutor
Wisdom Harrison K. Hordzi

Regard sur les Manuels de Français en Usage au
Lycée en Côte d’Ivoire
Dr. KOUAME Koia Jean-Martial

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